What Our Customers are Saying about us!

Reyhommyl Ruiź Gölsmith Avatar
Reyhommyl Ruiź Gölsmith

I have to say the best in town! Let continue to keep them in business best service! 4/20/2018

Tristan Taylor Avatar
Tristan Taylor

The guys here are so friendly, polite, and helpful, and the office/waiting room is comfortable, the TV isn't blaring and it's on a channel that cycles through uplifting news and sitcom clips, and it's furnished with snacks and a coffee maker too! Service was quick and fairly priced, and the shop guys are very thorough. I went for an oil change and they spotted a small broken hose in the emissions system that probably would've made me fail inspection next month. I highly recommend this shop! 2/13/2018

Donna Nolan Avatar
Donna Nolan

I found you to be very efficient and professional 12/01/2018

Shari Hasche Gonsorcik Avatar
Shari Hasche Gonsorcik

Can't say enough about Absolute Auto! This was my first visit, I had a rough running SUV with 143,000 miles on it, now I have a "like new" running SUV with 143,000 miles it! I LOVE my old truck again! Thank you for a great job, great service and an invoice that didn't break the bank! I will definitely continue to bring my vehicles here! 11/05/2017

Felix Torres Cotto Avatar
Felix Torres Cotto

Great service 4/02/2019

Nina Elizabeth Avatar
Nina Elizabeth

My Dad and I have been coming here for almost 10 years! Amazing service, fabulous communication, and even better deals. Dan has always been great in keeping me "in the know" when my SUV is in... Shirley is lucky to have him. I can't think of a more trustworthy and friendly mechanic in the area! 2/23/2017

Laura Graves Avatar
Laura Graves

Amazing customer service, trustworthy and treat you like family! 10/21/2017

Christopher Wiley Avatar
Christopher Wiley

Scott at the desk got me checked in for my state inspection on a "new to me" vehicle. They found two lightbulb issues and they had one in stock. For the second, they called around quickly to get it there with a few minutes. Friendly, fast service And turned out I was neighbors with one of the staff who gave me great local information. Will be visiting for all my auto needs! 4/25/2019

Zach Cutting Avatar
Zach Cutting

When no one else was will to give me the time of day at the big tire stores. I called around and I was lucky to talk to a true professional at absolute auto repair. Took the time to hear what my issue was and helped me with the best solution for my vehicle. They squeeze me in even though they where booked through the following week. I was in and out in no time flat. (No pun intended) They where very reasonably priced, nice to talk to, treated me with respect. I can’t say enough nice things... read more 11/19/2018

Heather De Jesus Avatar
Heather De Jesus

Friendly accurate service. Very accommodating to my schedule! In and out in a jiffy! Thanks 9/21/2017

Carla Campbell Lussier Avatar
Carla Campbell Lussier

I brought my car there for inspection yesterday. It failed for marker light but they were able to get me right in to fix. I left happy and my car had a shiny new inspection sticker. Thank you Absolute� 5/08/2018

Joanne Kidle Quatrale Avatar
Joanne Kidle Quatrale

Thanks guys for coming to my rescue today - the Shirley MA auto shop! Even though I was not an existing customer and they had already been fielding “jump start” calls for hours Dan promised to get someone to my house soon to jump start MY car.

Within a short period of time Keith came and got it running so I could go rescue a cell phone that had been left in a very cold car (...that’s another story).

I rescued the phone then drove to the shop and it was determined that I needed a new battery so Keith...
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Sophie Moise Avatar
Sophie Moise

Great service's the 6/02/2018

Jon Pasq Avatar
Jon Pasq

I would recommend Absolute Auto Repair to anyone looking for an honest and friendly shop. Great customer service and you can see the pride they take in their work. You wont be disappointed! 5/18/2018

Grupo Juvenil Cristiano Avatar
Grupo Juvenil Cristiano

Really pleased with theirs service.

God bless them. Very professional.

KGaebrielle B Avatar
KGaebrielle B

Very friendly staff. Everytime I come in I always feel that they take great care of my car as well as educate me about what's being done to it. They dont take advantage of you, they're real about what needs to be done and what can wait. 11/02/2018

Jen Hendrey Lapan Avatar
Jen Hendrey Lapan

We’re new to town and got basically taken advantage of at another garage. Our neighbor advised us to go to Absolute to sort out our car trouble. My husband had the vehicle towed over and Scott at Absolute was just remarkably excellent to us. We’re sold on them! I’m so relieved we found an honest and knowledgeable mechanic. Thanks, Absolute! 4/02/2019

Rebecca Driscoll Avatar
Rebecca Driscoll

Great service always pleased with the work they do here. They are honest and hard working. I’ve been going here for years and even moved about 30 mins away and still come back because I trust them and they take good care of their customers. Thank you. 4/26/2018

Ethan Cook Avatar
Ethan Cook

Great business. Friendly people, awesome service, very honest. I'd recommend this place to anyone! 9/02/2018

Rebecca Morrissey Avatar
Rebecca Morrissey

I went to every single tire place in fitchburg to mount an old used tire for me and this place was the only one that do it for me I'll definitely be going back for the rest of the work on my truck 7/02/2018