What Our Customers are Saying about us!

Selena Florival Avatar
Selena Florival

I was so nervous and worried about my car but I brought it in and they explained everything with my car and how it effects it, Honestly the best shop I’ve ever been do they are so nice ! I recommend to so many people I attend Fitchburg state and they had my car ready very fast as well for a good price ! 9/13/2019

Rebecca Driscoll Avatar
Rebecca Driscoll

Great service always pleased with the work they do here. They are honest and hard working. I’ve been going here for years and even moved about 30 mins away and still come back because I trust them and they take good care of their customers. Thank you. 4/26/2018

Reyhommyl Ruiź Gölsmith Avatar
Reyhommyl Ruiź Gölsmith

I have to say the best in town! Let continue to keep them in business best service! 4/20/2018

Erica Knoll Avatar
Erica Knoll

I've brought my vehicles to absolute auto repair for about 5-6 years now and they are awesome. Wouldn't go anywhere else but absolute auto! 9/23/2017

Rae Avatar

I was in a real bind. When I bought my used car, the dealer had to redo the rear brakes. 8 months later I had the most horrific noise coming from them. Called Absolute Auto Repair Center and asked if they could help me right away since I have no other means of transportation. They found that the brake pads had been installed incorrectly, were lterally breaking off and so those breaks were not working! They put new pads on properly so now I am SURE I'm safe! 7/02/2018

Chris Dunlap Avatar
Chris Dunlap

So I hit a pothole and destroyed a rim in Fitchburg, these guys went completely out of there way, searched all the surrounding junkyards to find me the rim I needed and squeezed me in last minute to do the repair. Turns out I destroyed the tire too so in the end I had to go to town fair because I had the warranty on a $207 tire, but from here on out I will forever bring my vehicle to these guys for their honesty and determination that they showed me to get me going again. 10/10 11/07/2018

Margaret Lancey Avatar
Margaret Lancey

I have been very satisfied with the great service I have received everytime I had service done there. I always brag to old and new friends how awesome and honest Absolute Auto is Great Job well done. 6/21/2018

Dave Esposito Avatar
Dave Esposito

Excellent first experience! I took it in on a Saturday at wits end and they were able to diagnose, receive parts, and have my car back on the road by Monday afternoon. These guys know exactly what they are doing and they spoke to me in a professional and kind manner (some mechanics can be condescending) and they were definitely not. Will be bringing my car to them from now on! 10/23/2017

Sam Montgomery Avatar
Sam Montgomery

Great mechanics and service 6/21/2018

Carla Campbell Lussier Avatar
Carla Campbell Lussier

I brought my car there for inspection yesterday. It failed for marker light but they were able to get me right in to fix. I left happy and my car had a shiny new inspection sticker. Thank you Absolute� 5/08/2018

Sarah Dee Avatar
Sarah Dee

Awesome service, was surprised to find somewhere not shady(given the area) scott was an awesome help. 6/21/2018

Kathy Leblanc Avatar
Kathy Leblanc

This place is awesome! Thanks guys! 6/07/2019

Douglas Prime Avatar
Douglas Prime

I went to these guys to get my trailer hitch installed, a mount which required installing 5 bolts - should be a 20 min job - but the muffler had to be moved and they showed me how rusty the tail pipe was and they were afraid it would break - I wish they had tried it to see - so this turned into a $650 two-hour job which was a ridiculous cost. Labor $190 and a tail pipe for $270!!! I agreed to it because I needed to get the hitch done, so it is my fault,... read more 8/02/2018

Lexa R Avatar
Lexa R

Great customer service! Nice and clean 6/21/2018

Anonymous S. Avatar
Anonymous S.

Excellent service. Both gentlemen there were very helpful and told me everything I needed to know. Very friendly and honest; not to mention their waiting room was exceptionally pleasant with comfy chairs, television, and complimentary coffee. I highly recommend this place to anyone needing car services. 6/21/2017

Michael McAfee Avatar
Michael McAfee

I went to Absolute Auto and have one of the best experiences dealing with people who fix cars there was no trying to get over or trying to Swindle you out of your money they just wanted to make sure you were safe in your car and everything was fixed great experience 6/21/2018

Jacob Billger Avatar
Jacob Billger

Well managed and professionally run! Very neat and orderly... 6/21/2017

david cobban Avatar
david cobban

Very knowledgeable, explained every step and pricing was lower than the average, but the quality was better. 6/21/2018

Pamela Scholefield Avatar
Pamela Scholefield

The guys are great, honest and kept me updated on the work being done. They were upfront with the repairs and why they needed to be too be done will definitely going back 6/21/2018

mfalme254 . Avatar
mfalme254 .

Great service 6/21/2017