What Our Customers are Saying about us!

Rebecca Driscoll Avatar
Rebecca Driscoll

Great service always pleased with the work they do here. They are honest and hard working. I’ve been going here for years and even moved about 30 mins away and still come back because I trust them and they take good care of their customers. Thank you. - 4/26/2018

Samantha Brown Avatar
Samantha Brown

Had a great experience getting my car inspected. Was waited on very promptly and the whole process took just over 10 minutes. My car passed and they didn't try to sell me anything or take advantage. Would go back for sure! - 2/02/2019

Reyhommyl Ruiź Gölsmith Avatar
Reyhommyl Ruiź Gölsmith

I have to say the best in town! Let continue to keep them in business best service! - 4/20/2018

Talia Smalls Avatar
Talia Smalls

One of our cars is already in rough shape, so when replacing the battery on our other car didn't work like we thought it would, I was a little bummed. I called absolute auto and explained the issue. They then hooked me up with a good tow company and managed to book me for Tuesday. So home I went and expected the worst and saw imaginary dollar signs fly out of my wallet and prepared myself to be without a car for a few days. Only a few hours later, I got a call that my car was already not... read more - 10/21/2017

debra clary Avatar
debra clary

Excellent service! I am so happy I found an auto repair business I can trust. The staff are very friendly and respectful and the prices are affordable. Thank you- Debra Clary - 7/02/2018

Meaghan Banister Avatar
Meaghan Banister

Great service and friendly workers. They are not there just to take your money but instead to help you drive the safest car possible. - 5/21/2019

Bryan Man Avatar
Bryan Man

Pretty good shop. - 8/14/2019

Lori vincent-jenks Avatar
Lori vincent-jenks

Fair, honest pricing. Great service. They even took it to get inspected for me once the work was done. - 9/08/2019

Nikolaus DellaZoppa Avatar
Nikolaus DellaZoppa

Scott is personal and genuine, he and the staff are beyond knowledgable! I would recommend this shop to anyone and everyone in need of a shop you can trust. Absolute Auto Repair Center is and will continue to be my families go to shop! - 7/23/2019

Charity Rippon Sanders Avatar
Charity Rippon Sanders

They have truly worked with me when it came down to it. They qere very pleasant and their facility was so well maintained. They provided fast good service too and thats what keeps me coming back!I highly recommend Absolute Auto. 😉 - 11/14/2018

Shari Hasche Gonsorcik Avatar
Shari Hasche Gonsorcik

Can't say enough about Absolute Auto! This was my first visit, I had a rough running SUV with 143,000 miles on it, now I have a "like new" running SUV with 143,000 miles it! I LOVE my old truck again! Thank you for a great job, great service and an invoice that didn't break the bank! I will definitely continue to bring my vehicles here! - 11/05/2017

Pamela Scholefield Avatar
Pamela Scholefield

The guys are great, honest and kept me updated on the work being done. They were upfront with the repairs and why they needed to be too be done will definitely going back - 6/21/2018

_PM21_ Avatar

went in today with my Mitsubishi Galant for a windshield wash pump fix. They were friendly, fast, and honest! You can definitely tell they go by book, and there not trying to nickel and dime you like some of these other places. Would recommend this place to anyone that wants legit friendly customer service. - 6/21/2018

Marcelo Lopez Avatar
Marcelo Lopez

These guys are amazing! Highly recommendable. - 6/21/2017

Nick Santana Avatar
Nick Santana

Hands down the best auto mechanic I've ever been to . Theyre very honest , will tell you what needs to be done and what can wait . Stop wasting your money on there other guys and bring your car here ! - 6/21/2018

Isabel Truax Avatar
Isabel Truax

I was running a bit later than I thought, but when I called, they were able to fit me in for their last state inspection of the day! The service was wonderful, everyone was super nice. They got me in and out in a jiffy! Very pleased. Would come again! - 6/21/2018

Shannon Hennessy Avatar
Shannon Hennessy

Great people good work - 9/08/2019

Sam Montgomery Avatar
Sam Montgomery

Great mechanics and service - 6/21/2018

Thechildrenschannel! Avatar

They have truly worked with me when it came down to it. They qere very pleasant and their facility was so well maintained. They provided fast good service too and thats what keeps me coming back!
I highly recommend Absolute Auto. 😉
- 11/02/2018

Nina Elizabeth Avatar
Nina Elizabeth

My Dad and I have been coming here for almost 10 years! Amazing service, fabulous communication, and even better deals. Dan has always been great in keeping me "in the know" when my SUV is in... Shirley is lucky to have him. I can't think of a more trustworthy and friendly mechanic in the area! - 2/23/2017