What Our Customers are Saying about us!

Talia Smalls Avatar
Talia Smalls

One of our cars is already in rough shape, so when replacing the battery on our other car didn't work like we thought it would, I was a little bummed. I called absolute auto and explained the issue. They then hooked me up with a good tow company and managed to book me for Tuesday. So home I went and expected the worst and saw imaginary dollar signs fly out of my wallet and prepared myself to be without a car for a few days. Only a few hours later, I got a call that my car was already not... read more 10/21/2017

Rebecca Morrissey Avatar
Rebecca Morrissey

I went to every single tire place in fitchburg to mount an old used tire for me and this place was the only one that do it for me I'll definitely be going back for the rest of the work on my truck 7/02/2018

Jon Pasq Avatar
Jon Pasq

I would recommend Absolute Auto Repair to anyone looking for an honest and friendly shop. Great customer service and you can see the pride they take in their work. You wont be disappointed! 5/18/2018

John Flagg Avatar
John Flagg

You guys are great. I took my Kia Rondo in for inspection in April. There were problems with the emission system (programming and sensors) that nobody else I've taken my car to could ever seem to quite fix with a check engine light that kept going on and off. But you guys did. It took a bit of doing and driving around to clear the system. But everything I needed to do was explained to me clearly so that I came away not only with a bright new inspection sticker for the coming year but with a lot more knowledge... read more 6/07/2019

Robert Gendron Avatar
Robert Gendron

Great people, up front an honest . 8/02/2018

Samantha Brown Avatar
Samantha Brown

Had a great experience getting my car inspected. Was waited on very promptly and the whole process took just over 10 minutes. My car passed and they didn't try to sell me anything or take advantage. Would go back for sure! 2/02/2019

Lexa R Avatar
Lexa R

Great customer service! Nice and clean 6/21/2018

Felix Torres Cotto Avatar
Felix Torres Cotto

Great service 4/02/2019

Christopher Wiley Avatar
Christopher Wiley

Scott at the desk got me checked in for my state inspection on a "new to me" vehicle. They found two lightbulb issues and they had one in stock. For the second, they called around quickly to get it there with a few minutes. Friendly, fast service And turned out I was neighbors with one of the staff who gave me great local information. Will be visiting for all my auto needs! 4/25/2019

Zoe Mclean Avatar
Zoe Mclean

This place was like finding gold honestly, as a college student shops around here are always trying to make an extra buck off of us and I never felt fully informed or cared for until i called Absolute Auto. I felt like the guys here cared about helping me and getting my car back on the road more than the money they were getting out of the repair and It was very settling to be able to find a shop close to my school that was actually here to help. 4/02/2019

Stacy Young Avatar
Stacy Young

Friendly staff and I can always get in for my inspection. 6/21/2018

Laura Graves Avatar
Laura Graves

Amazing customer service, trustworthy and treat you like family! 10/21/2017

susan miner Avatar
susan miner

Best place for car repairs 6/21/2018

M. Collins Avatar
M. Collins

Always my go to for my annual emmisions. Great service, knowledgeable technicians and reasonable prices. These guys are professional while still knowing how to make you feel welcomed. I trust my mechanics at Absolute Auto Repair Center, and that says a lot. If you don't trust your mechanic find one you do. 6/21/2018

Pamela Scholefield Avatar
Pamela Scholefield

The guys are great, honest and kept me updated on the work being done. They were upfront with the repairs and why they needed to be too be done will definitely going back 6/21/2018

Lytia Prentiss Avatar
Lytia Prentiss

I was beyond happy with my experience at Absolute Auto Repair, my cars starter broke this morning and left me stranded at a gas station for hours. I called over 20 different garages begging them and telling them that I need a new starter urgently because my dad was in the hospital and that was my family’s only car. No one could help me for at least a week because of the 4th of July weekend. Finally I called Absolute Auto Repair and they squeezed me right into their schedule. The starter was replaced and I got my car back... read more 7/03/2019

Daniel Reilly Avatar
Daniel Reilly

These guys are pretty damn good with informing you about everything that's wrong with your falling apart automobile. They will keep in contact the whole way through and make sure you make informed decisions. 6/21/2018

Kathy Linton Avatar
Kathy Linton

My check engine light came on with an important event to go to more than an hours drive. The team heard my situation, diagnosed the problem and determined it was safe to drive without worry. Their friendly service will have me go back to them if the situation doesn’t self correct. No appointment, minimal, wait, peace if mind, no charge. 6/21/2018

Marcelo Lopez Avatar
Marcelo Lopez

These guys are amazing! Highly recommendable. 6/21/2017

Donna Nolan Avatar
Donna Nolan

I found you to be very efficient and professional 12/01/2018